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ExSTARdinary Publishing is a literary entertainment company that brings compelling, exhilarating, and original stories from perception to publication. Consider us cable television in book format. Authors who publish under our brand have a gift for writing, a passion for entertaining, and an appreciation of the artistic powers of written text and spoken language.


Our company is unique in the sense that we not only write books for entertainment purposes, but we also write for the therapeutic benefits that it brings. Along with book publishing, our company specializes in literary consultation, expressive writing facilitation, documentaries, and songwriting services


“In a world where it seems everyone is chasing the moon, we are riding the stars and enjoying the journey!” ~ Keisha Starr

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Book Writing & Publication Consultation

ExSTARdinary Publishing provides one-on-one consultation services to aspiring authors and publishers. Let us assist you in making practical and business-minded decisions regarding your book writing and publishing endeavors. If you have questions regarding the fundaments of authorship, editing and formatting, interior and exterior book designing, self-publishing versus traditional publishing, marketing, and promotion, etc., look no further. We are here to help you achieve your literary goals. 

Schedule a consultation with us today. Our meetings are private and are conducted via Zoom.




Want to write your book but don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge to do so? ExSTARdinary Publishing is here to assist you.  As a bestselling author with over ten years of experience as a professional writer and great relationships with other bestselling authors, our company has the talent and connections to bring your book from conception to completion.  We have an impeccable track record for delivering entertaining and well-written publications.  Many of our ghostwriting clients have created a buzz within the literary industry and are ranked as bestsellers within their genre.    

 Let us take the challenging work of writing and packaging your book off your hands with a hassle-free process managed from beginning to end. Schedule a consultation today!

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Online Course

Have you experienced a past or recent traumatic encounter that you would like to confront, put to bed, and detail in a novel? If you’ve ever contemplated writing an autobiography for healing purposes but lack the time and knowledge of the book writing and publishing industry, our “Write 4 My Soul” online course is perfect for you.


In addition to scheduled one-on-one consultations with the instructor, you will learn the wide range of therapeutic benefits of creative writing, engage in actual expressive writing prompts, and receive step-by-step instructions on how to professionally write, self-publish, and market & promote a fiction or creative nonfiction book inspired by your life. Take back the power from your trauma. Become a published author that’s generating revenue from book sales and book-related endeavors.


Let us help you turn your PAIN into PAYMENTS.

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