Write 4 My Soul Expressive Writing Workshop

   Are you experiencing prolonged sadness, depression, and/or anxiety?

   Do you feel tired and stressed out?
   Are you having trouble controlling your anger and emotions?
   Past or present trauma holding you back? 
   Has physical, verbal, or emotional abuse negatively impacted your self-esteem or confidence?
   Are you suffering from substance abuse?
   Would you like to work through these issues in an enjoyable, creative, and unconventional manner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Write 4 My Soul can help you!

Write 4 My Soul Logo .png
Write 4 My Soul Logo .png


Write 4 My Soul is an expressive writing workshop that utilizes various artistic written styles of expression such as poetry, journaling, lyric writing, storytelling, etc., to deeply explore thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are often deep-rooted in adverse experiences, memories, and trauma.

Our program has 4 primary goals:

1.     Promote the positive effects of expressive writing in combating mental health illnesses, stress-related issues, and traumatic encounters.   

2.     Encourage individuals to take ownership of their mental health in an unconventional manner.

3.     Destigmatize negative perceptions surrounding mental health illness and treatment, supporting individual healing, freedom, and wellness. 

4.     Provide people with effective tools to minimize conflict and negative behaviors brought about by the normal stressors of life. 

Benefits of Expressive Writing

The scientific evidence is clear that writing to manage stressful, painful, or traumatic events (including abuse) improves physical, mental, and emotional health.  Expressive writing helps you break out of a limited mindset, into a life free of toxic emotional, spiritual, and physical limitations.