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Write 4 My Soul Online Course

Have you experienced a past or recent traumatic encounter that you would like to confront, put to bed, and detail in a novel? If you’ve ever contemplated writing an autobiography for healing purposes but lack the time and knowledge of the book writing and publishing industry, our “Write 4 My Soul” online course is perfect for you.

Price: Starting at $250.00 per module

Launching Winter  2022

A Young Woman Writing

In addition to one-on-one consultations with the instructor, you will learn the wide range of therapeutic benefits of creative writing, engage in actual expressive writing prompts, and receive step-by-step instructions on how to professionally write, self-publish, and market & promote a fiction or creative nonfiction book inspired by your life. Take back the power from your trauma. Become a published author that’s generating revenue from book sales and book-related endeavors. Let us help you turn your PAIN into PAYMENTS.

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