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Born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, MD, Dr. Keisha Wizzart, who pens under the pseudonym Author Keisha Starr, turned her pain into payments by earning a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling.  After dominating the Human Services and Mental Health field for over twenty years, she combined her love of writing and passion for helping others and launched a literary career that is currently narrating her destiny one page at a time.

Author Keisha Starr

Keisha grew up in a household of musicians and writers. She watched attentively as her family formed the first Reggae collective in Maryland, The Determination Band, which introduced her to the art of music and scripted language. After wowing a crowd of thousands during a music fest, Keisha decided to embark on her own literary and musical journey. She began penning songs, short stories, stage plays, and poems at an early age, rendering her a published author by the age of thirteen. Her crafty writing skills, a knack for compelling storytelling, and seasoned vocabulary made her an instant literary prodigy. 

By twenty-one, Keisha wrote, vocally arranged, and released her first CD, “True Confessions,” which created a buzz throughout the DMV area. Her edgy, yet sultry style of writing wove a bridge of opportunity to work with mainstream recording labels and local artists, where she was able to dive into a new lane of creativity—service providing. 

Keisha continues to ghostwrite for several recording artists and has since added “Bestselling Author” and “Publisher” to her list of credentials. In 2011, her short story “Dying to be a Star" was published in Nikki Turner’s anthology, Street Chronicles: A Woman’s Work, which became a New York Times Bestseller. In 2014, Keisha launched ExSTARdinary Publishing and co-published an anthology, Diary of a Boss Chic. Since then, she has released the “Jamaican Me Go Crazy” three-part series that has advanced the Urban Fiction genre and solidified her as a credible force in the game. 

Amongst her achievements, the greatest of all is being the mother of two energetic and hilarious sons. When asked about the secret to her success, her answer was simple: “A STARR was Born… Not Created.”  Whether it is the Dean’s List or Bestseller, Dr. Wizzart aka Author Keisha Starr, will be mentioned amongst the greats. Be on the lookout because she is rising to the top and the sky is nowhere close to the limit for this shining STARR! 

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